Starting again and the symmetry of life

So, it’s certainly been a while since my last update. Lots has happened. Lots of big life changes, like:

  • Going to graduate school and completing my master’s degree
  • Changing careers
  • Moving from Massachusetts to North Carolina
  • Selling a home and building a new home
  • Resolving long standing health issues with life-changing surgery (more on that later)

And after all that, and in light of COVID-19 being a great equalizer and great awakener, I’m writing again.  It feels like a good time to update the website and move forward. Oddly enough, it’s five years to the day from my last update. Life is funny that way.

Wanderlust…that time again

Maybe it’s the leaves falling to the ground, the colder weather, the days getting shorter, or the holidays coming, but every year around November, I get anxious to try new things and go new places.

During the summer I started working on a graduate degree. One of our assignments was to describe our lives in six words or less. Here’s what I picked. Kind of appropriate considering my regular wanderlust.

She wandered about to find herself – Tara Holt

This summer I was lucky enough to add  a two week sojourn to Scotland to my list of travels. Before I head to the kitchen to make some tea, I thought I’d share some pictures of my time there this August.


You gotta love happily ever afters!

happilyeverafterWhen asked why I write romance novels, I always give the same answer – there are not enough happy endings in the world. And I mean it. Call me a Pollyanna. I like my rose-colored glasses. That’s not to say I don’t live in reality, I can assure you that I do, but when I want to relax and unwind, I want to read or watch a good love story. I want the same thing when I write. “Once upon a time” is one of my favorite phrases in fiction, right up there with “And they lived happily ever after”.

I want to experience the hero and heroine falling in love, going through all the relationship firsts, and struggling to be together against all odds (the more substantial the odds the better). I want to know that no matter what their love will conquer all. They will triumph in the end. They will get their reward and so will I as a faithful reader. Or when I’m writing, I can get the same thrill my characters do when my hero and heroine achieve their Happily Ever After (HEA).

With hard economic times, lots of pessimism out there, too much stress and too much work, who needs a book or a movie where the hero or heroine dies, someone gets maimed or the villain wins in the end.

Screw that.

I want to smile, to laugh, to cry “good” tears. I want that “damn, that was good” feeling ala Joan Wilder in Romancing the Stone. I refuse to read a wall-banger because “everyone else is reading it” or wish I had watched the news instead of the latest film meant to make me “think.” After a hard day at work with only a few moments to manage my personal life each day, do I really want to use my limited free time to get depressed at how harsh life can be? I would rather eat a bucket full of broken glass, thank you very much.

That being said, I like it best when our favorite characters earn their happy ending. Characters that are flawed, get a few bumps along the way, and have to wrestle some internal as well as external demons along the way.

A heroine does not have to be pure as the driven snow when she meets our hero, but she does have to worthy of falling in love with, worth the struggle he must endure to win her heart, not to mention to overcome the obstacles in their path. She must be strong, smart and courageous in her own right, helping the hero (even if begrudgingly at times) at every turn throughout the course of the story. Dim bulbs need not apply.

The hero can be a jerk on his way to redemption, but he can’t be a heel forever. Wounded alpha-males trying to prove they don’t need anyone only to find out they most certainly do are among my favorites, but so are the Everyman beta-types finding their true calling on the way to saving the world, who also can’t believe they finally found the one girl who “gets” them.

With all the ups and downs in life, a good love story can give us all some comfort – a proverbial port in the storm. So, as we hunker down for winter and the days are bleak outside in New England, remember a happily ever after has the power to chase your troubles away – if only for a day.

Welcome to my web site

Welcome to my website! I’ve been writing romances for a few years now and have enjoyed love stories for as long as I can remember. While not yet published, I’m actively working towards it – sending sample chapters to writing contests, pitching to agents/editors at writer’s conferences, and critiquing with fellow writers amongst other things. This website is one of those “other things” – me doing more to follow my passion for storytelling and getting ready for the day the publishing gods/goddesses smile on me.

This website will be my way of connecting with readers and sharing news and events as well as information about a variety of topics, mostly around writing and my journey towards publication, but also other topics that interest me. I hope you enjoy it.

Thanks for visiting. Stay tuned!